Solar Energy System Solutions

Solar Hybrid System

5KW 10KW 20KW 30KW 40KW Solar Hybrid Power System for Home Use.


Solar Hybrid Energy Storage System 

30KW 50KW 100KW 3-phase Solar Hybrid Energy Storage System for Residential and Commercial.


Off Grid Solar Power System

5KW 10KW 20KW 50KW Off Grid Solar Power System for Electricity Supply.


Rechargeable Solar TV Kit 

32" 40" All-in-One Rechargeable Solar Fan Kit with DC 12V/USB outlet, AC 220V oultet.


Rechargeable Solar Fridge Kit

All-in-One Rechargeable Solar Refrigerator Kit 100% Solar Powered.


Solar Power Supply Equipment

8-year experience in solar power supply equipment including Solar Panel, Solar Inverter, Solar Battery, Solar PV Mounting System, Solar Cable, etc

PV Combiner Box

Grade-A PV Combiner Box
Customized Request 

PV Mounting

Roof PV Mounting System
Customized Design Available

Solar Panel

400W/450W/550W Mono Solar Panel, 
Brand name of Solar Panel.

Solar Inverter

Off Grid Solar Inverter, Hybrid Inverter, 
Grid-tie Inverter, etc.

Solar Battery

Solar Lithium Battery/System
Solar Lead Acid Battery.

Mppt Controller 

12V/24V/48V~384Vdc, 30A-100A Solar 
MPPT Charge Controller

Solar CCTV Camera

Solar CCTV Camera Kit Solar Powered for Remote Monitoring, Dual Camera

Dual-Camera Solar PTZ Camera Kit

20W Solar CCTV Camera, Dual-Camera for Monitoring, 24-Hour Continuous Recording.


Solar PTZ Camera Kit 4G/Wifi

All-in-One 10W Solar PTZ CCTV Camera Kit, 19200mAh Lithium Battery, Tuya for Monitoring


Solar CCTV Camera with Ai

5W Solar PTZ CCTV Camera with Ai to Recognize


Fixed Solar CCTV

Fixed Solar CCTV Camera Kit, Solar Powered


5W Fixed Solar Camera

5W Integrated Solar Camera, Fixed Type, Optional to Add Solar Panel.


Solar Led Lighting Solutions

50W-120W Integrated Solar Streetlight 

Grade-A All-in-One Smart Solar Street Light for Engineering Projects 50W, 60W, 80W to 120W


80W-150W All-in-One Solar Streetlight

All-in-One Solar Street Light 40W-150W, 3-5 Rainy Day Lighting with Customized Service.


Semi-integrated Solar Street Light

30W-120W Split Solar Street Light for Community, Village Lighting.


One-stop CCTV Solar Street Light 

Integrated CCTV Solar Street Light with Security Camera 4G/Wifi, LED Lighting, Security Monitoring


CCTV Solar Flood Light

Solar Flood Light with Wifi Camera for House Lighting & Security Monitoring, with Best Price.


 Shenzhen WeBright Energy Co.,Ltd   

Quality and service is our company culture, with 8-year experience in solar energy industry, we aim to provide good-quality and customer-satisfied solar power supply products, energy system & solutions (5KW-120KW solar power system, solar power kit, solar led lighting system, etc), to our clients and to win both the long-term cooperation.

About us

Shenzhen We Bright Energy Co., Ltd is one professional and trust-worthy manufacturer and supplier in energy-saving technology and renewable energy solutions for over 8 years, located in Shenzhen China, which is dynamic and in rapid development. Dedicated in renewable solar energy supply, efficient lighting solutions and solar security solutions, we always keep a deep insight into customers’ demand and request and make possible efforts to satisfy our clients all around the word. Our company sincerely and steadily hope solar energy technology and applications and that in solar hybrid energy system, solar LED lighting & security monitoring field will bring much more benefits and brighter life to clients.

Our main products include a) solar power system/energy hybrid system (5kW-120KW), b) solar power supply equipment, and c) solar power lighting & security solutions, such as all-in-one solar street light, solar flood light and d) solar CCTV camera kit for residential and commercial use, etc. 

Quality and service is our company culture, we aim to provide good-quality and customer-satisfied LED lighting products & solutions to our clients and win both the long-term cooperation.


40KW Off Grid Solar System

40KW Off Grid Solar System
Off Grid Solar System with 4PCS 10KW MPPT Solar Charge Controllers to Chargee Lithium Batteries.

20KW Grid-tie Solar System

20KW Grid-tie Solar System
20KW Complete Grid-Connected Solar Energy System with Invt 20KW Grid-tie Inverters.

30KW Solar Hybrid Energy Storage System

30KW Solar Hybrid Energy Storage System
For Villa Use, 3-Phase 30KW Solar Hybrid System with 80kWh Lithium Battery System to Connect to AC & Generator.

20KW Carport Solar Mounting System

20KW Carport Solar Mounting System
Customised Carport Solar PV Mounting System for 20KW Solar Energy System for House Power Supply.

50KW PV Mounting System

50KW PV Mounting System
Factory Roof-Top 50KW Solar PV Mounting System Structure for Solar Power station for Factory Power System.

32KW Solar Hybrid Energy System

32KW Solar Hybrid Energy System
4pcs 8KW Solar Hybrid Inverter in Parallel Operation to Set Up 32KW Solar Hybrid Energy Storage System for Home Use.



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