10W Solar LED Road Light for River Outdoor Lighting

Mar 24, 2022


Project: 10W Solar LED Road Light

Installation Site: In River Pathway

Qty: 100 sets

Warranty: 2 Years



Installed in river guardrail, fully exposed under sunlight, 10w mono panel charges the lithium battery, the integrated solar road light can provide 3-5 hours LED lighting for pathway along the river. In Feb,2022, we supplied 100 sets of such all-in-one solar power road light for one river guardrail in the public park in South Africa. It brings much lighting for citizens who walk or run along the road in the evening. It can get rid of the electricity, to enjoy the solar lighting by free and brings much more convenience to people.


Of course, there are different solar lighting solutions for outdoor use, like solar garden 5w to 20w, solar lawn light, and solar wall light, and solar street lamps, etc, all are 100% solar powered light. Warmly welcome you to contact us for profitable outdoor solar LED lighting solutions any time.