30KW Solar Hybrid Energy Storage System

Dec 03, 2023

30KW  50KW 100KW Solar Hybrid Energy Storage System for Villa Power Supply.

Project: 30KW Solar Hybrid Energy System for Villa

Installation Site: Djibouti 

Qty: 1 Full Set of System

Warranty: 5 Years

According to all home appliances and loads in the villa, including 3-phase air-conditioners and single air-conditioners, fridges, tvs, irons, fans, lights, total power watt is 21KW. Therefore, we design complete 30KW solar hybrid energy system with function to connect Grid and to start Generator when there is less energy level in battery back-up. It works so very well to solve the villa electricity supply and save electricity bill, too. We make shipment by container to destination installation site and there is technical service engineer to finish all system installation.

Below is full list of 30KW solar energy system equipment & components.

No. Solar Equipment & Components Specifications Quantity
1 Solar hybrid inverter 3-phase 33KVA/30KW 380V, 50Hz solar hybrid inverter 1 pcs
2 Solar panels & modules 550W monofacial solar modules 51 pcs
3 Solar battery 38.4V 200Ah LiFePO4 batteries 10 pcs
4 Battery rack system Battery rack with BPU 1 set
5 Solar PV mounting system

2.0mm thickness, PosMAC 3.0 steel structure. Roof-top pv mounting system 28050w/customized

1 set
6 ATS unit To connect AC grid & Generator 1 set
7 Solar combiner box 3-in/1-out 1000V 40A pv comboner box 1 pcs
8 PV cables 4mm²/6mm² red and black cables 200 m
9 MC4 connector Rated current: 30A / Rated voltage: 1000VDC 10 pcs
10 AC input cables/AC output cables 35mm² A-grade copper core cable/customized 100m
11 Battery cables 35mm²/2AWG battery cable /
12 AC breaker 220V, 2P/3P, 40A  /
13 DC breaker 2P, 25A/DC 600V for PV connection /