40KW Off Grid Solar System

Dec 03, 2023

40W Off Grid Solar Panel System

Project: 40KW Off Grid Solar System

Installation Site: Colombia

Qty:  4pcs 10KW MPPT Charge Controller

Warranty: 2-3 Years

According to client's requirement, we design and build up 40KW off grid solar panel system, together with wind system for client's workplace power supply. With wide pv input and battery DC volt, it works very well to connect more batteries in serial and charge them with wind turbine at the same time.

MPPT Solar Charge Controller 50A MPPT
Battery Volt 192V/144-240V for lead acid battery
PV Input Volt/Voc Max 430V
Rated PV Input Power 10400W
Charging Mothed CC-CV-CF / CC-CV