How Does Solar Energy System Work?

Nov 30, 2023

Generally, Solar Energy System, also named photovoltaic system, works when sunlight carries energy down to Earth. By solar power system, we can obtain energy of electricity to use for our own life.

In one off grid solar energy system, solar panels are mounted on the roof or exposed in the sunlight outside on ground.  By using MPPT solar charge controller to connect to solar array, it can charge different types of batteries (Deep cycle, Gel battery or Lithium-type battery), then inverters are capable to get DC energy from battery and convert it to AC electricity for different home appliances.

But in solar Grid-tie system, DC electricity flows to inverters directly, then it creates AC electricity. Your houses can use the energy itself ,and it also can be faded into Grid for a credit or selling by Net-meter.

There are also other types, such as solar hybrid system, solar dc home appliance kit or solar lighting system, etc. In solar hybrid system for energy storage, with function to work with generator and AC grid. So loads can get energy from solar panel, battery as storage source, also generator & AC grid as back-up.

Nowadays, solar energy system has become one of our major energy source, as renewable energy, it absolutely helps people to get continuous and stable energy. Welcome to contact WeBright Solar to get affordable & quality-stable solar energy storage solutions for residential or commercial use.