How Does Solar Street Light Helps in LED Lighting Solutions in Developing Areas?

Mar 25, 2022


In many developing areas around the world, no matter in house use or outdoor, the sufficient lighting is still in much demand, people are requiring good-quality and continuous lighting for their houses and communities. Cost-effective LED lighting helps a lot in these areas, especially Solar LED Lighting Solutions provide very good proposal, among them, all-in-one solar street light will be used in the top of the list.


In this article, we will gladly introduce and explain how does solar street lights help in many degrees in LED lighting solution in some developing areas and its advantages. Solar powered solar street lamps support people in some low and middle-income countries (LMICs) to have more bright lighting.


1. 100% Solar Powered & Affordable LED Lighting Solution


Due to the low income level and much sufficiency of solar energy in developing countries, affordable and solar powered lighting solutions are in much demand. And the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals state solar led lighting is better solutions to most lighting projects, especially for outdoor community lighting. Investment in solar street lamps not only provide brightness and security lighting at night, but also offer clean and cost-effective energy for developing countries.


2. To Improve Road Safety and Public Security


After installation of solar powered street lamps, it will be charged fully by solar panel and store energy via lithium battery, so solar street light projects provide continuous lighting in the evening time.


It has good result in better road safety and lower crime rates in these developing countries. In terms of road safety, solar street led lighting solutions have reduced accidents due to poor visibility and carjacking. And it has also reduced fatalities from road traffic injuries, which is a high risk for pedestrians in developing countries.

There is less lower crimes rates in communities, as a result of solar street lighting up. It provides better circumstances and prevents robbers from involving in criminal activities. Therefore, people can now confidently walk at night along these lit-up streets and roads, which was once impossible before. These streets are now safer and more secure, especially for women and children.

3. To Bring More Possible Business Benefits

Solar street light investment and installation, for example in Nigeria, Cameroon, Uganda have brought a more vibrant night-time economy. Certainly, solar powered led lights are used for outdoor lighting, with that, vendors or traders can operate business longer time in the evening. On the other hand, the installation of solar-powered street lights also provides job opportunities to the local communities, especially those with a specialty in solar energy. Tender and Transportation of the infrastructure can also be viewed as a source of income to members of the country, especially if the community is primarily involved.


4. To Improve National Electricity Consumption


By using solar powered street lamps, it will surely help to improve the electricity energy consumption in these developing countries, which is basically in lack too. Solar street lights for public lighting will lead to less or no electricity from local Grid. According to survey, solar LED street lights installation and usage in developing countries can reduce electricity consumption by 20-30 percent.


5. Much Benefits for Personal Households or Villa Areas


In many new-built houses or villas, most owners will be very willing to choose solar powered street lights for their house yards or villa compounds. Installation of solar street lamps outdoor makes much more security in houses and villas. We are desirable to live in safe neighborhood where it is will lit up and to avoid robbery at gates. That is very important to have much safety in many developing areas.


6. To Have Sustainable Lighting Solution


If you have tested the operation of solar powered street lights, there will be almost no extra operating costs, except for maintenance. But compared to conventional grid-type street lights, that cost of solar-powered streetlights are about 60% of what you paid to Grid.


Solar-powered street lights are sustainable because they offer a constant supply of light even during power outages, which is a common problem in developing countries.




Solar powered street lights by all-in-one type or split type are very advantageous, especially improving the living conditions in urban, rural areas in developing countries. It can provide enough an sustainable led lighting source there. And with the development of technology and cost control, solar powered led street lighting solutions will be more cost-effective and bring much more brightness and better life.


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