How to Build Solar Energy System for Residential Use?

Dec 01, 2023

How to Build Solar Energy System for Residential?

With the rapid development of technologies and going-down cost of mostly all solar energy equipment, especially for solar cell and batteries, the usage of solar energy becomes more affordable for houses and homes. On the other hand, due to Covid and infation,  the severe energy crisis leads to much more policy support in renewable energy options, for example, solar energy system solution obviously is the one of the best choices. By installation, it works very well to improve residential electricity supply and mostly solve the power-supply-lack trouble.

Next will introduce how to build one solar energy system for your home or offices, shops, etc.

First of all, we would suggest to ask following questions to identify what kind of solar energy system you will need.

  • What kind of problem in energy supply will you prefer to solve?

If you plan to improve your house electricity, to cut your electricity bill, even to make further investment, Grid-tie solar power system will be your prior choice, and when your country issues supporting renewable energy policy, and encourage to install solar energy system to earn electricity sales subsidy, that will be advantageous for you.

Otherwise, off grid solar energy system or solar hybrid solar system will be other options, to solve power-cut or power-lack problem or when you want to get electricity for one remote site, off-grid type or stand-alone solar system will be suitable.

  • What will be your potential budget to build solar energy system for home?

Potential budget will largely decide the capacity of the solar energy system installation for your home. There will be also different brands of solar equipment to select.

  • Where will you plan to install your solar energy system?

The installation site will be another important factor to impact the type of solar energy system and it will also have effect on solar system efficiency,etc.

After you have figured out above questions, we can begin to design and build solar energy system for different solutions. There will be mainly 3 types of solar pv system to introduce.

  1. Off Grid Solar Energy System 5KW to 50KW

Off-grid type solar system often refers to pv system with battery as back-up, it works as one self-sufficient power system.

In order to design suitable off grid solar power system, it requires to sort out what kind of loads & home appliances to run by  the off grid solar system per day, how much energy totally to consume every day, as well as how many hours will the system work. It will help to calculate and design suitable size of solar power system, upon your request.

Solar modules, off grid inverter and batteries are main components in one system, after calculating, we can select suitable type and brand of items to use in installation.

For example, what size of solar panels, single-phase or 3-phase power inverter, what type of batteries, there are lead-acid battery & Lithium type battery to select.

If you have any questions or requests, warmly welcome you to contact us for assistance and support on solar equipment list and those configurations.

2. Grid-tie Solar Energy System 10KW upon 100KW

To install Grid-tie solar system, many users want to save electricity bill and earn some profits by selling surplus energy to National Grid by Net-meter. In some developed countries with stable utility grid net-work, grid-tie type systems are popular and encouraged to install by households.

In such system design, Grid-tie solar inverter is the core part in the pv system, directly connecting to Grid, so branded grid-tie inverter is in the first priority. Good quality and meeting regulations of Grid-connect are of the same importance. Net-meter is another key component in the Grid-tie solar energy system. It supports in electricity feed-back-to-grid.

In working period, to monitor and maintain the Grid-tie pv system is also very important, on one hand, to keep it active running, on the other hand, to get profits earned as much time as possible.


3. Solar Hybrid Energy Storage System 5KW to 120KW

In solar energy system, the energy storage issue, in some degree, limits the solar energy usage and development. Traditional lead-acid battery is low-efficiency and costly. In recent 3-5 years, lithium battery technology becomes more mature and stable than years ago. Thus, solar hybrid energy storage system becomes heated and acceptable by users. It helps to make solar pv energy more cost-effective and more possible to store in battery. In this type, it combines off-grid & grid-tie function, as well generator connection. It can connect to lithium-type batteries, able to work with Grid. Solar panel & lithium battery will be the first-priority energy source. There are more and more households and commercials to choose solar hybrid energy storage system.


Above three types of solar pv systems, sincerely hope it will help you to know some more about solar energy systems, if other questions, please kindly contact us, it will help us to improve, that will be thanked truthfully.

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