For Villa Areas Lighting, Solar Garden Lights Installed in Southern Africa

Dec 23, 2021

Project: 5W Solar Garden Light

Installation Site: In Villa Areas

Qty: 50 sets

Warranty: 2 Years


Solar garden lights are perfect LED lighting for outdoor lighting solutions, for example for Villas, Gardens or Lawns, it can light up your garden by 100% solar powered. In Nov, our African clients installed 50 sets of 7w solar garden lights for the Villa Areas. The solar garden light is all-in-one design with solar panel and lithium battery built-in the LED lamp.

It brings much better lighting for the Villas and most importantly, it can get rid of the electricity, to enjoy the solar lighting by free. We believe it will improve the living environment so much. Of course, there are different solar lighting solutions for outdoor use, like solar garden 5w to 20w, solar lawn light, and solar wall light,etc, all are 100% solar powered light.  Warmly welcome you to contact us for profitable outdoor solar LED lighting solutions any time.